Before making a business decision it is necessary to evaluate, from all aspects, the parties and organizations involved in the transaction: Due Diligence.

Due diligence is a risk management tool used prior to signing a contract or joining an ongoing business or employment relationship.

This tool identifies:

  • Potential current or future risks
  • Unexpected liabilities
  • Financial matters
  • Hidden information

The fact is that doing new businesses in the dark, without examining the third parties or the individuals involved with it, is a risk that may result in:

  • Wasted of time and resources
  • Money lost
  • Reputation damage
  • Liabilities

We work with partners that follow the highest integrity standards, with a comprehensive network of information resources across Latin America, to provide you with searches and detailed reports to make informed business decisions:

  • Corporate due diligence
  • Corporate records retrieval
  • Ultimate beneficial ownership
  • Corporate structure
  • Civil litigation
  • Criminal litigation
  • Regulatory sanctions
  • Domestic/international red flags and restrictive lists
  • Address verification
  • Adverse information
  • Social media presence
  • Reputation enquiries

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