Internal controls create value for any organization, regardless of size.

Internal controls help to ensure that an organization is doing the right job, in the right way, to achieve effective and efficient operations in the workplace in compliance with laws and regulations.

Conversely, excessive controls are harmful, increase bureaucracy and reduce productivity. Therefore it’s key for any organization to find the appropriate balance of internal control.

We will recommend the appropriate level of control for your organization and also develop systems to monitor, assess and update those controls by assessing your organization’s design and operating effectiveness of internal controls.

Risks posed to an organization are dynamic, and are subject to change overt time as well. Therefore there are two questions that have to be embedded in your company’s culture:

  • What can go wrong?
  • What assets do we need to protect?

In order to have effective internal controls an organization must consider the following:

People: Leadership engagement and accountability, training as an ongoing process, and resources to support and to engage all the employees.

Risks: Identification, analysis and management.

Daily Activities: Approvals, authorizations, verifications, reconciliations, reviews of operating performance, security of assets and segregation of duties.

Communication: Detailed and reliable information, time reports, target audience and propitious environment for employees to alert management to potential problems.

Monitor: Internal controls monitoring to ensure that they are working properly and still adequate, and identified problems are timely corrected.

We identify, analyze and manage the potential risks to that your organization, and assist you in mitigating risk while enhancing effectiveness.

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