Prae Venire’s essence is supported by the experience gained in global corporations, including Fortune 500 companies, where compliance programs have been successfully implemented and managed in different cultures, countries, and business environments. 

Prae Venire assists small and medium-sized companies in a customized way to build a culture of integrity (compliance) along the same lines as large organizations do with programs created and adjusted to their size, industry, and region. 

Prae Venire provides the organizations the opportunity to comply with applicable local and international laws while promoting a culture where ethics, respect in the workplace and business environment, and fraud prevention practices are essential and non-negotiable elements.

Prae Venire serves companies in Latin America and in the United States.


We believe that integrity is not only the best policy as a matter of principle, but also makes great business sense.

We believe that the entire world is an observer and it is worth putting one’s best foot forward at all times.


We provide close attention to our clients and our size allows us to provide full attention to every single client.

Every client is an important client, no matter its size and concerns.

Our Clients

We serve small, medium-sized and large companies seeking good business for reasonable price: U.S.-based organizations operating internationally as well as Latin American and other foreign companies doing business in the U.S.