Prae Venire is a consulting firm providing high-quality corporate compliance and risk mitigation solutions to meet specific client needs. 

Our small team of attentive consultants understands and is involved in all aspects of our clients’ operations for the best chance of achieving effective results.

Prae Venire is managed by its founder that brings global experience from working for multinational companies in a diverse range of industries, for 20+ years, including Fortune 500 companies. The founder’s knowledge comes from both academic (business, human resources, audit, finance) and corporate management (international trade, costs, treasury, controllership, compliance) background. She is a Certified Fraud Examiner and serves on the Board of Directors to assist organizations on the best practices in corporate governance.

As a multilingual company, we are prepared to support our clients in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

We assist our clients on how to anticipate and manage risks that negatively impact their sustainability and growth.


We believe that the entire world is an observer and it is worth putting one’s best foot forward at all times.

We also believe that integrity is not only the best policy as a matter of principle, but also makes good business sense.


We offer our services to small, medium-sized to large, and  businesses that seek valuable service for a reasonable price, including U.S.-based organizations operating internationally as well as Latin American and other international companies doing business in the U.S.

We provide close attention to our clients and our size allows us to provide full attention to every single client.

And most of all, to us, every client is an important client, no matter its size and concerns.

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    Our Clients

    We serve small, medium-sized and large companies seeking good business for reasonable price: U.S.-based organizations operating internationally as well as Latin American and other foreign companies doing business in the U.S.