Author : Natalia Gindler Corsini

Navigating the Waters of Cultural Differences

Have you ever heard of Polychronic Theory? The Polychronic Theory sheds light on how some cultures diverge in their manifestations. Communication within cultures in Latin America for instance, is notably intricate, characterized by both verbal expressiveness and warmth. This contrasts with colder-climate cultures like the Anglo-Saxon or Nordic, which adhere to a monochronic approach. These […]

Michael, The “World’s Best Boss”

Let’s talk about real world businesses through The Office.  The Office, a widely acclaimed comedy series in the United States, originated from its British counterpart and centers around the lives of employees at a paper supply company’s Scranton (Pennsylvania) branch, Dunder Mifflin. It explores the characters’ personal lives and relationships, however the primary focus remains […]

The Inverse Relationship Between Procrastination & Compliance

Basically all humans procrastinate to some extent. We’ve all faced difficulty while dealing with matters that require thoughtful decisions, either on a personal level on filing tax returns, paying bills, saving for retirement, quitting addictive behaviors, or at work on budget, hiring, firing, marketing, or customers and many others. People, including corporate leadership and businesses’ […]

A Framework For Ethical Decision-Making

Businesses that have incorporated a commitment to transparency and ethical conduct into their systems have laid the essential groundwork for fostering a compliant environment. Employees need to live and breathe compliance. It must be expressed in their relationships with clients, service providers, suppliers, partners, and shareholders. Prae Venire assists others to incorporate compliance programs. With […]